Travel with God: Shortcuts and Potholes

Shortcuts seem like a good idea but many times they lead to potholes, breakdowns and getting lost. Israel sets out to follow God into the Promised Land, but quickly starts taking shortcuts that lead to brokenness.  

Travel with God: Get Going

This week we learn that hearing God’s call, having faith in Him and knowing His commands is only part of it.  We must act on what He says even if it seems overwhelming.

Travel with God: Sinai Encounter

Just as we need instructions/directions when taking a trip, we need instructions on this journey of life here on earth. With sin nature in man’s hearts, God gives us instructions/commands on how to live in a relationship with Him; Loving God and Loving each other.  

Travel with God: Abram’s Faith

This is week one of our series “Travel with God”.  Through this series we will explore different aspects of a life lived walking with God. This week we look at Abram’s faith, trust and belief, in God.

Unless the LORD builds the house

Many people work hard and strive to provide for their families and find success in this life.  However, Scripture tells is that some things, even if we work hard on them, are a waste of time!  Where to you spend your energies?  Today we’ll look at the words of the Psalmist cautioning us that if…