Encourage One Another

In our world today, it is easy to find people ready and willing to give you advice.  Unfortunately, it is usually not helpful in really dealing with life’s struggles.  As Christians, we are told to encourage each other.  So how do we encourage with real encouragement? Today we talk about real encouragement MUST be anchored…

The Greatest of These is Love

Charlie Stephenson, camp manager at Camp Rudolph, shares why the greatest of these is love. This is the focus for our weeks of summer camps this year.  

Titus: True Child in a Common Faith; pt3

So far we have heard Paul’s instructions to Titus and the church regarding the character of leaders and the responsibility of church members towards each other, specifically the older generations teaching the younger.  This week we will discover Paul’s instructions for the church in regards to community interactions.  

Titus: True Child in a Common Faith; pt2

In the second chapter of Titus, we see Paul’s instructions to “teach what accords with sound doctrine.”  The sound doctrine of Jesus Christ leads us to life transformation which leads to teaching others.  In this section Paul instructs the older men and women in the Body to be diligent in teaching the younger generations about Jesus…