The Adventures of Unlikely Elisha

Spider-Man, Batman, the Punisher, Elisha. Wait, Elisha? Grouped with superheroes? Each of those men had great lives interrupted by a single event that changed everything for them. We have some stuff to learn from comic book heroes and Elisha on how to respond to tragedy in our own lives and the lives of others.

Gifts of the Cross: Living in the Shadow

A look back at what we see in the shadow of the Cross. What will you leave at the cross? What will you take away? How will you/your life/the Church be transformed because of Christ’s Gifts of the Cross?      

Gifts of the Cross: The Cross

What man intended as a means of torture and death, God transformed into a tool that brings healing and life. Through Christ’s sacrifice, we have assurance of this promised healing and life.  

Gifts of the Cross: Gift of the Nails

Derek Robinson / Langley Christian Church March 26,2017 Gifts of the Cross / Reconciliation; Nail / Colossians 1:15–23 Nails are simple yet valuable tools. They are used to fix things, connect things, and secure things. God chose nails through the hands of His Son to fix the relationship we broke.