A Kingly Example: King Asa

In this series, we will be looking at the lives of some of Israel’s kings. In 1 Samuel we read that Israel demanded to have a king. Even though God was their true King, they wanted a king like the other nations around them. Although this would not be all they hoped for, God allowed…

Transformed Lives

He is Risen!!! Today we celebrate the risen living Savior!!! We don’t just celebrate an empty tomb, we celebrate the hope and life that we have because our Lord Lives!! Jesus’ resurrection transforms lives.  

The Big Ask: Who is the Christ?

So, we’ve heard Jesus answer the questions of the religious leaders with truth and authority. Now, it’s Jesus’ turn to ask a question. And it’s a big one! One that we, each, have to answer today.  

The Big Ask: What’s the greatest commandment?

We apologize, we had some technical difficulties this Sunday. Unfortunately the sermon recording did not work this week. The focus this week was Mark 12:28-34 (with reference to Luke 10:25ff). One of the Scribes asked Jesus about the most important commandment.  Jesus gives three truths in His answer. First, the foundation of the most important…

The Big Ask: Is there really a resurrection?

Round two of questions to Jesus. Bracketed in a ridiculous worst case scenario, the Sadducees challenge the idea of the resurrection.  Jesus assures them that God is a God of the Living, not the dead. And because He lives, we also will live.