Love in Action: True Children

We have assurance through the Word and can have confidence because the Light is already shining and the darkness is passing away. But we must beware of those who say they belong to God yet teach falsely and deceive the Body. We must hold to His truth and abide in Him practicing righteousness.  

Love in Action: Living in the Light

This is part 1 of our series Love In Action.  We’ll spending five weeks walking through the letters of 1,2,3 John.  We will focus on living in the light of God, living a life of faith, fellowship and love. Jesus, the Word of Life, is attested to and that in Him is eternal life. This…

Making WAVES for Jesus

Greg “Scooter” Breisch joined us this morning to share about Christian Student Fellowship and their new ministry at Christopher Newport University. While with us, he shared how we can make W.A.V.E.S. for Jesus.

Plus One

There’s a wedding banquet going on, and everyone is invited! Will you be there? If so, who will you bring with you?

Travel with God: Press On

On our journey with God, times can get tough and the world can seem dark. It’s in those moments we need to press on and remember that we are the light of the world. No matter the circumstance, we have a job to do that isn’t complete until Christ returns, so let’s press on toward…