Family: Marriage Roles and Responsibilities

This week, we continue looking at the marriage relationship. Last week we discussed God’s plan and equation for marriage.  But what does that look like in the day-to-day of life? We all desire and, hopefully, strive to develop oneness in our marriages that will glorify God. How do we build this kind of marriage? This…

Family: God’d Equation for Marriage; 1+1=1

There are a variety of reasons people get married (or don’t get married) today. But what is marriage? Why should we get married? What is God’s plan and formula for marriage? Today we look at the foundation of marriage according to Scripture and we explore God’s equation for successful marriage.

Family: It Matters

Our world is full of brokenness. One place we ever increasingly see this is in families. Our world is suffering in many ways and one of the biggest reasons can be traced to broken families. Today we’ll look at what God says about family and why it matters.

Family: A Mother of Great Faith

In our new series “Family”, we will explore what the Bible tells us about doing life as a family. Since our series kicks off on Mother’s Day, today we focus on the blessing of godly mothers. We’ll look at the encounter between a desperate mother and Jesus. The only reason we know of this mother…

A Kingly Example: King Josiah

We wrap up our series on godly kings with a look at the reign of Josiah, who took the throne at the age of 8 years old. Although young, Josiah sought the LORD. During his reign and repair of the Temple, the Book of Law was found and it made all the difference. The Word…