A Kingly Example: King Hezekiah

This week, we’ll look at the reign of Hezekiah king of Judah. Hezekiah calls the people of Judah and Israel to come back to the LORD. This would take repentance, clearing out the filth from the house of the LORD, and being faithful and obedient to the One True God.

A Kingly Example: King Joash

This week we look at the reign of Joash, king of Judah. Joash had a great start to his reign, which started when he was 7 years old, but the end was a different picture. What changed? There are a lot of voices speaking into our lives; some good, some bad. Which ones we listen…

A Kingly Example: King Jehoshaphat

Today we do not have to go far from king Asa. We take a look at the life of his son, Jehoshaphat. King Jehoshaphat continued to walk in the ways of the LORD like his father before him. Although he made a couple bad partnerships at times, his heart was set in seeking the LORD….

A Kingly Example: King Asa

In this series, we will be looking at the lives of some of Israel’s kings. In 1 Samuel we read that Israel demanded to have a king. Even though God was their true King, they wanted a king like the other nations around them. Although this would not be all they hoped for, God allowed…

Transformed Lives

He is Risen!!! Today we celebrate the risen living Savior!!! We don’t just celebrate an empty tomb, we celebrate the hope and life that we have because our Lord Lives!! Jesus’ resurrection transforms lives.