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You can add desired amount of sermons to any page or post using this shortcode. Choose category, set amount of sermons to show per page and shw or hide pagination. Below you can see example of sermons shortcode with 2 posts per page and pagination.


Sermons posts are created using custom post type, where you can setup everything you need, starting from speaker and media files, ending header colors and slidehow.


Family: Men of God

This week we conclude our series on Family. We started out honoring our moms and talking about the blessing in having a mom of faith. So, today we conclude with a word of encouragement to for our fathers and all our men. It’s not easy being the leaders in our families, church, and community, but…

Family: Train Them Up

In Deuteronomy 6, Moses gives a charge to the nation of Israel to teach their children to love God with their entire being. This week, we dive in to exactly who’s responsible for that teaching.  



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