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You can add desired amount of sermons to any page or post using this shortcode. Choose category, set amount of sermons to show per page and shw or hide pagination. Below you can see example of sermons shortcode with 2 posts per page and pagination.


Sermons posts are created using custom post type, where you can setup everything you need, starting from speaker and media files, ending header colors and slidehow.


Closer: Worship

We all have a deep longing within us that we want to have satisfied. ¬†Some try to fill that longing with money, success, fame, other people, causes, etc. But none of these truly satisfies. Whatever we seek to fill that longing will shape our lives and our decisions; it will become the object of our…

It’s Just a Phase

936 weeks. That’s all the time we have with our kids from birth until high school graduation. Using Reggie Joyner and Kristen Ivy’s book, “It’s Just a Phase So Don’t Miss It,” we’ll take a look at several important phases in a child’s life- and what parents and the church can do about it!



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