What’s so “good” about today, anyway?

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What's so "good" about today, anyway?

What’s so good about “Good Friday”, anyway? I mean, isn’t this the day we believe Jesus Christ was nailed to Calvary’s cross and died? Isn’t this the day that darkness enveloped the land and the hearts of those who followed Christ? How can a day with so much sadness and hurt be so good?

Friday is good because Sunday is coming.

Good Friday is a bittersweet day for me. I think of all the pain and anguish Christ went through. I think of the mockers spitting at him, the Roman guards teasing Him, and how it must have felt to be separated from man and God all in the same moment. I think of all of the pain God felt to make this wretch His treasure. But as I sit, full of emotion, I remember, Sunday is coming.

When I remember that, I get excited. This excitement found me yesterday afternoon. I was in our sanctuary after our other two staff members left, and I was just looking around- checking to see if things needed to be cleaned, chairs straightened, Bibles placed neatly, etc. As I looked around the empty room, it hit me. Come Sunday, our sanctuary will probably be the fullest that it will be all year. That thought got me pumped! So I prayed. I prayed over the empty seats, for our leadership, and for the seekers in our community. I prayed that our services bring glory to God, and that we can be excellent in bringing His message to those who will be there.

Because for a lot of people, today is just another Friday. For a lot of people, there’s no excitement to being told, “Sunday is coming.”

The Cross is foolishness to those who don’t believe. The idea of seeing the death of someone who was 100% man and 100% God as good doesn’t make sense to them, and that’s ok.

The reason it’s ok is the same reason that today is so, so good.  See, while Jesus was suffering on the cross, He was doing it for me, for you, and for those who call it foolishness. When Christ let out a cry, and declared “it is FINISHED”, He meant it. And that’s why Good Friday is so good. Because some 2,000 years ago today, the Son of God went through hell so we don’t have to.

But like I said: it’s foolishness to those who don’t believe. So I leave with two challenges-

  1. For those of us who believe, let’s take this message of seeming foolishness and make it a message of relativity for those who don’t believe. We have a great chance, no matter what church you’re in, to make sense of this season to those who usually don’t go to church. Make the most of it, please. Christ promised the thief on the cross paradise as much as He promised it to us.
  2. For those who see this as foolishness, know that I love you and Christ loves you. Not some future you, but you right now. While He was dying on the cross, He asked God to forgive those mocking Him. If He can forgive them, He can forgive you. So check out a service this Sunday to see why this isn’t foolishness. If you’re around Hampton, VA and need a place to go, my email and Facebook are linked to this blog. Message me and let’s find a place for you to belong.

Friends, it’s Friday. But Sunday is coming. That’s why today is such a good day.

- Dustin McCrea, Youth Minister

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