Langley Kids

What do we desire to be?

  • To be a place that trains children for Christian life in a safe, fun, and Biblical setting.

How do we do this?

  • By connecting children and families with Godly examples, equipping them for life by laying a firm foundation in Scripture, and by serving families however we can.

Why do we do this?

Because we value

  • God-honoring relationships
  • Biblical teaching
  • Spiritual growth
  • Fun
  • Discipleship
  • Fun

Within Langley Kids, each volunteer has been background checked and completed Child Abuse Safety Training. The safety of the children placed in our care is a top priority, and we take it seriously!

What do we do?

Langley Kids has classes for birth through 5th grade during our Sunday School hour, our Sunday Worship time, and on Wednesday Nights!

Current Curriculum:

Langley Kids operates on a 3-year Scope and Cycle, which follows Dig-In curriculum. Year One is a year long tour of scripture, Year Two is a year long look at the Life of Christ, and Year Three is a year-long study on discipleship. We are currently in Year Three!

Dig-In: Digging into Discipleship is a year-long look at what scripture has to say about effective discipleship, from Genesis through Revelation, in a way kids can understand and apply! Each week, children from birth through 5th grade will learn of a different aspect of discipleship through worship, Bible lesson, and fellowship with each other. Every level of Langley Kids uses this curriculum, so what your child learns on Sundays and Wednesdays flows and goes together!

If you have any questions about Langley Kids, please contact Langley Christian Church or call the Church Office at 757-851-7334!