Theological Equipping Class

Led by our Associate Pastor, Andy Belanger, this approximately year long course is designed to provide for Christian education at a level above Sunday School and just below seminary.  The goal is to equip the believer to recognize where their views are different from those found in Scripture, gain an intellectual basis for the confidence in the Bible they hold, sharpen their skills at reading and understanding Scripture, overcome the fear of evangelizing, and make a reasonable defense for their faith to unbelievers. In order to accomplish this goal, five areas are examined:

  1. The Christian Worldview:
    • Recognizing and developing a biblical worldview through the seminar “The Truth Project” ©Copyright 2004-2016 Focus on the Family.
  2. Bibliology:
    • Examining the doctrine of the Bible to understand how the books of each testament were revealed, the witness to the accuracy of the words in each book, the concept of textual criticism, the history of translation into English, and how translations are accomplished.
  3. Hermeneutics:
    • The principles for interpreting Scripture in one’s personal studies are examined to enrich the Christian’s ability to commune with God.
  4. Evangelism:
    • A technique for sharing one’s faith is presented and an evangelism event is conducted as the capstone to the course.
  5. Apologetics:
    • This course introduces the student to a technique for defending their faith, examines contemporary objections to Christian faith, addresses perceived errors in Scripture, and answers objections to the biblical views on sexuality, gender, and holiness.

The class is held in Classroom One on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00pm, and is open to all. We are currently in our Worldview series, going through The Truth Project until 11/30!