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A Servant’s Heart: Unity

The attitude we have as we approach life matters.  In this series, we will look at the attitude we need in order to live our lives in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week we focus on unity; being of one mind and of one love.  

Love in Action: Truth, Love and Obedience

After hearing about abiding in God through Christ in truth, love and obedience, John gives two examples.  The first is in 2 John, written to encourage the church to hold to the truth of the Word, not being led astray by false teachers.  The second, in 3 John, is to encourage obedience in loving others…

Love in Action: Living in Love

Can we really love like Jesus?  How can we have confidence to stand before the Almighty God? We can have assurance when we believe and trust the Word of God.  We can truly love, as Jesus, when we rest on the truth of God’s Word and boldly live through His commandments.  This is evidenced by…

Love in Action: True Children

We have assurance through the Word and can have confidence because the Light is already shining and the darkness is passing away. But we must beware of those who say they belong to God yet teach falsely and deceive the Body. We must hold to His truth and abide in Him practicing righteousness.