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You can add desired amount of sermons to any page or post using this shortcode. Choose category, set amount of sermons to show per page and shw or hide pagination. Below you can see example of sermons shortcode with 2 posts per page and pagination.


Sermons posts are created using custom post type, where you can setup everything you need, starting from speaker and media files, ending header colors and slidehow.


Together: How are we structured?

This week we look at the structure of the Church. If we are to understand our part in the Body and how we function, we must know how God organized His people. Many today are misled as to who “runs” the church. The Scriptures are clear that all authority on heaven and earth has been…

Together: Why do we assemble?

As we continue our Together series, we look to answer “Why do we meet together?” ┬áMany people today believe they can be a Christian without assembling together, “I don’t need to go to church to be a Christian”. But this is not how God has set up His Church. We are called to meet together…



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