The Big Ask: What’s the greatest commandment?

The Big Ask: What’s the greatest commandment?

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We apologize, we had some technical difficulties this Sunday. Unfortunately the sermon recording did not work this week.

The focus this week was Mark 12:28-34 (with reference to Luke 10:25ff). One of the Scribes asked Jesus about the most important commandment.  Jesus gives three truths in His answer.

First, the foundation of the most important command is that “The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” Because He is the One true and only God, He alone can command our love.

Second, our love for God should be with the entirety of our selves. We are to love God with all we are; we belong fully to Him.

Third, our love for others flows directly out of our love for God. As we love God, we love what He loves, people. We show our love for God in the way we love others. Luke 10 gives Jesus’ teaching on the Good Samaritan, which defines who is our neighbor and what it looks like to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Jesus’ final statement to the Scribe is revealing to us also. He told the Scribe “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” The Scribe was not far because he understood God’s will, yet he had not arrived in the Kingdom because he lacked believing in and committing to Jesus as God’s Son and our Savior.