Guidelines for Attending Worship Service

Below are our guidelines to safely attend Worship Services in person during the pandemic:

  • sanctuary will be arranged for social distancing (we will be able to seat 65)
  • we encourage spaced out parking
  • keeping with the governor's guidelines; masks are required in public areas
  • infant care or classes for kids will NOT be provided
  • no food/coffee/etc.
  • if you are at *high risk, had recent exposure to someone positive, or have any

symptoms - please stay home.

*Based on currently available information and clinical expertise, people 65 years and

older and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be

at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Once you arrive:

-Enter & exit only through foyer - no other doors unlocked

-Use of back hallway bathrooms; 1 at a time

-Fellowship hall, offices, front hall will be closed off

-If you are ill at the check-in point, or start to feel ill during the service, you and the ones

who came in with you/live with you will be asked to leave and advised to contact your

doctor. You will need to communicate with church leadership the outcome of the

discussion/illness prior to return.

-In the foyer we will have:

  • masks, if needed
  • printed sheets from government
  • hand sanitizer
  • provide communion in prepackaged cups to use during service
  • boxes for offering
  • trash can for used communion cups when exiting

-When you enter Sanctuary:

  • sit with family/those you came with ONLY; refrain from 'milling around'
  • greet from a distance

Thank You,

LCC Leadership & COVID19 Team